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Redstream.me is the one of the largest, and definitely the fastest-growing sports streaming websites on the web.

We are the first streaming index to utilize automated systems to make submitting streams a breeze. We also took you - the webmasters - into consideration when we created this project, because we know that you work hard on your content, and want the process of getting indexed less frustrating.

To become a part of our fantastic success story, you can submit your streams now and help our visitor find your content on Redstream.

Please make sure you follow the rules below before you submit. Multiple bad submissions will result in a ban.

We only want to bring your great content to our awesome visitors and get out of your way. The rules serve both visitors and webmasters. It's not difficult to get approved if you care about your visitors.

  • Websites in which content is hard to distinguish from ads can consider themselves banned.
  • Submitting false bitrate will result in an instant ban.
  • The use of URL-masking or URL shorteners is strictly forbidden. Instant ban.
  • Please do not spam this form. If you have a lot of streams, consider asking for content partnership.
  • Submitting Acestream or Sopcast links from a web-player is not allowed. Please link to the channels directly.
  • Minimum quality is 350Kbps.
  • Pop-ups are not allowed on the same page which contains the streams.
  • Language must match the language spoken in the stream commentary. If there's no commentary, choose 'Other'.
  • Streams with malicious code or content will be banned forever. The IP of the user will also be banned.
Mobile Compatibility
  • Mobile-compatible streams will be listed higher.
  • It is preferable to submit mobile-compatible streams.
  • Submitting a stream as mobile-compatible, when in fact it's not, results in an immediate ban without any warning.
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The events are broadcasted live in all countries. The problem is that live events are not broadcasted on TV for free. You need to pay premium cable tv channels to watch events on TV. You can also watch online on websites that are licensed to stream online. However, they usually are subscription services and have country restrictions where the site is based. If you really want to watch TV matches online from your computer or from any devices, then you are in the correct place, Redstream free live sports streaming will satisfy your needs.

Redstream Streams!

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