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Redstream Sopcast Guide

What is Sopcast?

Sopcast is a P2P (peer-to-peer) software, meaning the stream is being shared in real time on a P2P network by you and other viewers. For more information about P2P and https technologies, see our FAQ.

Sopcast is considered by many to be the best and most reliable software to stream sports on, although it may require a certain know-how to get the best experience.

So, how do I get this to work?
  1. Head over to our software page and download Sopcast.
  2. Browse streams which have "Sopcast" in the software column.
  3. Click "Go" to open the stream with Sopcast.

Note: It has come to our attention that Chrome likes to pretend Sopcast is bad software. We assure you that it's not. We use it ourselves to watch internet-TV. However, be extra careful during the installation, as they may trick you into installing other software or toolbars.

Overcoming common problems:
  • Channel Offline.

    By far, the most common issue with Sopcast is that channels go offline just before kickoff. Unfortunately the only way to overcome this is to start watching earlier, as when the channel goes offline, viewers which had already opened the link can still watch.

  • Sopcast stuck at "cannot retrieve data" or "connecting to channel".

    Another common issue with Sopcast is that sometimes channels would get stuck at "Connecting to Channel" or "Cannot retrieve data".

    To overcome this, enter the Sopcast settings and uncheck "Run only one instance of Sopcast". Now, go back to your link and open it ten times (we are not kidding). At least one of them should work nicely. You can close the rest!

  • Sopcast won't connect at all.

    If you are at work, you are probably out of luck. It is likely your network administrator has disabeld P2P entirely, or some protocols required for Sopcast to work.

    If you are at home, try to disable your firewall, or add Sopcast to the list of allowed software.

  • You can open multiple Sopcast instances and watch different streams simultaneously by going to Sopcast options and unchecking "Run only one instance of Sopcast".

  • You can open Sopcast streams with an external player of your choice, by going to the settings and selecting "use my own media-player".

  • To maximize your chances of finding a great stream, try connecting at least 35-40 minutes before kick-off. Even if the stream gets removed, if you are connected you stay inside!

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