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Content Partners

What are content partners?

StreamSports links to highlighs and streams submitted by webmasters. Webmasters who are also content partners are not required to submit their content. StreamSports will automatically index their content and link to it.

How can I become a content partner?

Simply send us an email and choose "partnership" in the subject. We will review your website and you will hear from us shortly.

In the future we will require that our partners have a link to StreamSports on their pages. At this moment, it is preferable but not required.

Can anybody become a content partner?

No. Content partners must constantly submit reliable streams and their websites (or streams, if on P2P) must contain minimal advertising.

What do I have to do after I get approved?

Nothing. StreamSports Bot will visit your website several times per day (just like any other visitor) and index your streams and content in the relevant events on StreamSports.com.

Will the bot kill my website?

Our bot is no different than the tens of bots visiting your website several times per day like Google Bot and others.

Can I still submit streams manually?

Yes, if the streams don't already exist you can submit as many as you want. Content partners are able to skip the queue and have their streams approved automatically.

Anything else I should know?

If you substantially change your website structure, it may or may not cause our bot to stop recognizing your events. If you feel like the changes are significant enough, please let us know so we can confirm the bot is still indexing and linking to your streams.

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